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Teaming Up with NDRI

Posted by Summer Weaver on

The National Development and Research Institutes, Inc. (NDRI) has been around for over 50 years and it’s still going strong. This not-for-profit organization conducts research about substance use and other bio-behaviors. We’ve partnered with NDRI in order to advance the world’s understanding of factors that affect our health.

NDRI draws on the expertise of their partners, including medical centers, treatment programs, and universities in order to advance our public health. Together, these organizations work to improve out health, especially for high-risk and underserved people, including youth and veterans.

NDRI has a special focus on addiction, along with its scientific discoveries related to infectious diseases (like HIV), chronic pain, overdose, tobacco control, cancer, and criminal justice. If you decide to donate 10% of your No1Down purchase to NDRI, your contribution will help advance the understanding and prevention of addiction and other bio-behavioral disorders.

It’s important to remember that research is a key factor in our fight against addiction. While many of No1Down’s resources go towards uplifting individuals in recovery, the money gifted towards research helps stop the problem before it begins. With your help and our partnership with NDRI, we can gain a greater understanding of how addiction works and what we can do to stop it. For more information about NDRI and their mission, visit their website here.

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