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(LINK) 20% of all profits used to help the still suffering, donated to Non Profits and more!  (LINK)

What is No One Down?

No One Down apparel is a brand that promotes the belief that everyone can help someone! Live like you’r on borrowed time and our stories are not over for there is always one more to tell!

We are not your average recovery brand.... We are an Everyone Brand! 

We help bring awareness to mental health issues and addictions of all kind by creating one of a kind apparel that can only be purchased at nonprofit events!

20 % of everything sold at these events will be given back to the event holders for them to put back into their communities as they see fit!

This is all in an effort to provide an amazing service, unique and exclusive apparel items, and bring awareness to all the other amazing facilities and entities out there doing their best to make a difference in others’ lives!

So send us a message, visit our website and let’s all do our best to keep No One Down and together no one will be!

Our Mission


Why apparel?

No1Down pairs creativity with awareness through the medium of clothing. We’re providing quality products to the public while also donating a portion of the proceeds!

Our Team

Ian Rader


“I know what living with the hopelessness, restlessness, irritability, and discontentedness addiction causes, and because of that, I have a unique position to help people who other people wouldn’t know how to help. No1Down stands for just that, we can’t help everyone, but the hope is that we can raise awareness and inspire everyone to help someone.”

Ian began using and selling drugs in his early teens, which quickly spiraled into a full-blown narcotics addiction by the time he was eighteen. After half a decade of constant struggle, in and out of rehabilitation programs, living homeless, and losing connections with family and friends, Ian hit bottom. Having nothing left, he decided to move to Utah, where he found a recovery community and began the long journey to sobriety.

No1Down is Ian’s way of reaching others who’ve lost hope and giving back to the community! Recognizing that he’s living on borrowed time, Ian fosters a grateful perspective that he hopes to relay to others and inspire everyone to try and help some one! 


Jeramy Tripp


“I was so broken, and I didn’t know how to stop using, but I wanted to. I couldn’t deal with myself or situations anymore. By the grace of something bigger than me, I was given the gift of desperation which humbled me to the point that I sought help and I was able to be receptive to it. Ever since then my life has completely changed into something I couldn’t have dreamed of, my life is beautiful today. I want others to find that too, and I hope that No1Down will be my way of giving back.”

As a child, Jeramy was diagnosed with chronic kidney stones that led to an opioid prescription to manage the pain. He also raced Motocross growing up and had over 19 injuries during those crucial formative years. Together, these factors contributed to his budding addiction to painkillers.

At eighteen years old, Jeramy began his career as an electrician. That’s when he got caught up in selling drugs; he could make money fast. Before long, selling became using. Jeramy was good at hiding his addiction and making his life look perfect from the outside. He got married and had a child, but as his addiction spiraled out of control, he lost his family. In desperation, Jeramy tried different rehabilitation centers, but to no avail. He attempted suicide several times, was homeless at one point, and had several DUIs and warrants.

Eventually, Jeramy reached a point when he was admitted to a psych ward. It was there he began a 12 step program, and this time, found success. Jeramy leaned into the program and the support of his community and was able to find both stability and sobriety. He hopes to reach others in similar circumstances to show that anyone, no matter how broken they might feel, can heal and create a beautiful life for themselves.